Warming-up, why is it necessary?

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Warm-Up Makes You Ready

Before the game, players warm up themselves. As you know warming-up raises the body temperature, especially the muscle temperature. The movement the athletes do to warm up is called the preparatory exercise. Do you know why the preparatory exercise is useful?

There Are Three Purposes

The purpose of warming up is as follows:

  1. To increase the body temperature, expanding the range of joint motion, and to relax muscle to move freely so that you can play sports safely and vigorously.
  2. To make the mental condition ready to concentrate on the sport.
  3. To check the physical condition of oneself.

Why the Score Goes Up With Warm-Up?

Then why the warming-up makes the game performance higher or the body motion better? Here are some resarch results.

(1)Running 800m with and without warming-up.The difference is shown in the gragh.

Neuron Works QuickLy, Muscle Works Easily

With the warming-up, body temperatures were increased by 1 ℃ and 800m recoreds were shortened in all the three students. This is because the nerve system operated fast and the muscles moved easily.

Body More Flexible

To measure of the flexibility of the body, "bending forward test" was compared right after waking up and after the stretch exercise.

The scores were better by 5 centimeters after the stretch exercise.
Thus warming-up is very important to obtain better records and scores.