Brain makes clever motion

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Brain taht Gives Order

Muscle and Brain

It is the muscles that move our body directly, but it is the brain to give orders so that the muscles move just as wanted.

To do skillful movement, the situation must be appropriately recognized, how to do must be judged in a moment, the movements are chosen momentarily, and the optimum exercise orders must be given to the muscles.

All this process is performed in the brain.


The exercise orders are something like the computer program telling which muscle to move, when ane how strong it should move.
They are given by the brain and conveyed through many nerve cells to the muscles.

Things That the Brain Learned

A skillful athlete is a person whose brain gives the most suitabl exercise orders.
Such expression as “good moter nerve”, “clever motion”, “improvement” mean the goodness of the brain.
The condition that you can play something without thinking after the training is called “body learned” but the state is “brain learned” actually.


Aim a gun carefully.
Breathe quietly.
Pull the trigger with an optimum force.


Is this a right direction to the tee?
Is the force applied to the stone all right?

Alpine Skiing

Where is the next pole?
Edge the snow tightly to prevent the side slip .


Is the body inclination OK?.

Chair Skiing

right hand pole is this way ⋅⋅⋅

Figure Skating

Are the right hand and the foot in good position?
My partner behind me can't be seen.
But he must be moving this way.
Now comes the next performance.

Watch her motion carefully.
Perform in a good timing to be successful.

Ski Jump

Oh, the wind is strong.
Keep the right and left skis in the same level.

Speed Skating

Be careful no to fall.
Incline the body inward to compete against the centrifugal force.

Ice Hockey

How will this guy move?
Which teammate should I pass?
Feint at the guy!