What is "doping"?

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More than one's own ability with special medicine

Doping is cheating

In the competitive sport it is no mistake that to win is very important. Desperate to win, or too eager to have someone to win, illegal methods may be employed. Doping is to exploit the knowledge of sports medicine and do the advantageous but unnatural and unfair things in the competition. In many cases, special medicine is used to increase the competitiveability more than the real one. For the athletes who are training seriously,this is nothing but "cheating".

Effort and achievement
 Doping ruins sports

Competitive sports is interesting because the hqrd trained atheletes compete under certain rules. As a result, the winner is praised, and even the loser is given the generous applause. Also people involved in the sport is valued in society beause they try to achieve the goal by a serious effort. They are believed to have good human nature and social relation. However, with the use of drugs in sports, winning or losing becomes meaningless and sports will become nothing but a spectacle show. The doping is bad because it impairs the soundness of the sports, lowers the value, and ruins the sports.

Medicine used in doping

  • Stimulant: Used to make "brute force of emergency". There are some cases that resulted in death.
  • Drugs: Used as a painkiller. Drug addict can't stop using.
  • Anabolic steroid: So-called muscle-enhancing agent. Side effects of liver failure, infertility, and virilization.
  • Diuretics: Used for excessive body weight loss in the competition.Also used to conceal other drug use in doping
  • Peptide hormones: such as growth hormone. There are various side effects.

From the medical point of view, it is not good for healthy athletes to use medicine unless they are ill. Of course medicine is likely to affect the body becasue each medicine has side effects, s

The result of doping test
Doping Control The purpose of doping control is that, by preventing doping, serious athletes can obtain legitimate competition results. In a big international competitions such as the Olympic Games, doping control alwayw take place. The athletes who are randomly selected get the urine tests after the competition and are checked if prohibited substances is in it. The blood test may also be carried out. If the prohibited substance is found, the record will be disqualified and canceled. Depending on the type of the drugs discovered, the athlete may be imposed the suspension for a certain period of time. Since the results of the doping test decides the athletic career, the procesure is very strictly managed. For example, after the notification of the doping test, the athletes are escorted by the stuff members until they come to the laboratory. The escort stuff watch the athletes so that they do not do cheating and aslo watch some other person to give the athletes prohibited substance to drink.

Change of the ratio of the doping
In some cases the muscle enhancer is used only in the training period and not before the the competition. So there is also a system called out spot checks. The inspectors visit the training location wiithout notice in advance.