Prince Alexandre de Mérode Memorial

Sports Science Education Program
in Nagano Winter Olympic Games 1998

Here are some educational materials used in the IOC project in Nagano Winter Olympic Games 1998.
The 30 panels are prepared by 40 Japanese sports scientists and displayed at M-Wave, main Olympic stadium.
Four graduate students always stood by the panels and explained the scientific topics in Japanese.
This project was directed by Dr.Kazuhiko Watanabe at Hiroshima University and strongly supported by Prince Alexandre de Merode, Chairman of Medical Commission and Vice-President of IOC, at the time.
Unfortunately Prince Merode passed away in 2002. We would like to keep the educational material on the website as Prince Merode Memorial in Nagano.


Dr. Kazuhiko Watanabe,
the director of Sports Science Education Projectin IOC Medical Commission in Nagano Olympic Winter Games 1998

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